Black Salan
World eco-resort in the taiga sea

World Eco Resort

The creation of a world-class eco-resort will be an important project for Russia in realizing the Green Economy to the fullest.

Siberian taiga is the largest biome in the world and the lungs of the planet. Here, on the Celestial Teeth, one can feel all her strength, harsh philosophy and inner beauty. To see the real Siberian taiga, you need to come to Mezhdurechensk.

The Black Salan eco-resort project combines the advantages of a large ski complex - 20 slopes with a total length of 80 km with a capacity of up to 8 million tourists in winter and a large sports and recreation center in summer.

The unique characteristics of the relief, the special mild climate and the sea of ​​taiga make it possible to create the largest eco-resort in Russia. It is here that new ecological principles can be applied and a resort with a minimum burden on nature can be created in the concept of a taiga civilization.

The City of Taiga
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Welcome to Mezhdurechensk. A city in which you can realize your bold ideas. The unique ecosystem of the wild Siberian taiga is connected with convenient urban infrastructure. There is mountain air and clean rivers, ski slopes ten minutes from the city center and a unique Shor ethnic.

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TRK Mezhdurechensk. Taiga city

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